RG46 and Continuous Disclosures

Primewest Property Income Fund – RG46 and Continuous Disclosures

Date Continuous Disclosure
15/11/21 The Fund completed valuations of the direct property holdings to ensure an accurate and current unit price. The Fund’s direct property assets have been revalued as at 15/11/2021 by independent property valuers. The property valuations showed a $3.36m change in value compared to the previous valuations conducted. These valuations have been adopted and reflected in the daily unit pricing for the Fund.
27/10/21 Appointment of new Fund Manager to the Fund.
08/10/21 Registry provider transitioned to Boardroom Limited.
04/10/21 The Fund is temporarily closed to applications.
19/07/21 Centuria Capital Limited and Centuria Funds Management Limited complete the compulsory acquisition of all remaining securities in Primewest Management Limited – being the Responsible entity of the Fund.