Environmental, Social and Governance

Primewest’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Statement

Primewest’s underlying philosophy is ‘respect’ and we believe ESG further progresses our capability in delivering long term performance to all our stakeholders.

Primewest actively factors Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into our ongoing corporate and investment practices so that we meet our responsibilities in an ever-changing world. Primewest as part of any project, transaction or dealing considers the following:

Environmental & Sustainability

  • Opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Historical, current and potential occupier land uses
  • Opportunities to improve environmental standards across our portfolio
  • Minimise potential harm to occupants – hazardous materials, contaminations and ACP removal

Social & Well Being

  • Employee diversity, equal opportunities and satisfaction
  • Local community and customer engagement
  • Social impacts when considering engagement with all occupiers

Governance & Compliance

  • Implementation of best practice Policies & Procedure
  • Best use of technology to deliver Primewest’s investment framework
  • Cyber security and data protection to keep personal data confidential and secure
  • Being aware of modern slavery or terrorism within our supply chain.